6×6 Cubicles- 54″H – 2 MAN (MIRROR) Glazed L Shape Cubicle Workstations-E





Are the swatches of Fabric/Laminate/Aluminum Trim/ Working Surface /PVC (plastic) caps on the website exactly the same as in real life?

The samples are scanned with the highest possible resolution that accommodates the loading of the site. However, visualizing the photos may differ from one screen to another. In many cases, we include the reference number of those samples where customers can check the original sites of the suppliers. For example, for the Aluminum trim when we write RAL 7044, customers can search for the same code. We are trying our best to accommodate our customer’s selection with the best possible available tools. In brief, there might be a slight variation between real material and the samples shown on screens. This issue will not be considered as a manufacturing defects as it is normal to have such descripancies especially between diffrernt materials colors (for example the alum trm color/ steel cantilevers/plastci(PVC) caps are white (RAL9016) or light tone (RAL7044), although they share the same color reference but the intensity of the color on each material diffres slightly from one another as the material is different.

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