7+ Man Call Center Cubicles 43″ 51″ 54″ 63″ 66″


7 Cubicles? Yes, and even more, with a supervisor at the front

Many people think this is a myth. No. It is a fact now. As all corporations are trying to be cautious with their rent expenditure, and office setup cost. Call center cubicles with 7 person, 8 and even 10 are already becoming very popular these days.

Our cubicles designers made many practical solutions for the the business owners and operation managers to select the proper design and configurations that fulfill their need. Our wide range of configurations are of call centers and cubicles layouts are so vast to appoint we think we are not even limited to the shapes we can supply. However, due to the nature of the business, we had to present the most used, but are not limited to those displayed.

Call center cubicles and office cubicles are basically consisting of panles and connection accessories that fix them together. In other words, a pretty good example is the Lego pieces. Our cubicle systems and our manufacturing capabilities and the experience of over 25 years lead us to believe that we can build almost any design and fulfill any requirement. As the head line says 7 cubicles, yes. At the same time, we considered that supervisors are to take care of their colleague workers. We designed the cubicles in a way that a supervisor can monitor and interact with his colleague workers in a very efficient and professional way.

Usually the 7 call center cubicles come in a row where employees are back-to-back or side-by-side and the supervisor at the front line. It all depends upon the work related to the corporation. But cubicles in such a way organizes the work, make it more efficient, and more manageable.

The different variations we have in the colors of the fabric, the working surfaces, thickness of the panels and the aluminum trims make it easier for the designers to select the proper color combination for their call center cubicles, call centers, cubicles, and workstations.

As the alum trims are powder coated, and as the fabric is installed on sponge at the back of the fabric, makes the sound signals more diversified and minimizes the sound.

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