Three man Cubicles 43″ 51″ 54″ 63″ 66″

Relatively Small Corporations 3 Person Cubicle Requests

As all corporations start small, as we did and grow with proper plan, vision and management. We thought of the relatively small corporations, and we have considered options that it will suit their need to utilize their office space, budget and at the same time make their work flow as simple as possible. A corporation of 3 to 5 people might need a cluster of 3 person cubicles/ workstations. Instead of using standard desks which consume much of space, cubicles will fulfill the targeted goal.

As we are partnering with all of our clients, we decided to provide this cluster with many options in terms of the cubicle models, cubicle sizes, cubicles fabric trims, cubicles alum trims and cubicles layouts. They will enjoy the different options that range from glazed cubicles, fully fabric workstations, L shape models, U shape models, cubicles with wings, cubicles without wings, cubicles with fabric, cubicles with laminates, cubicles with thick panels, cubicles with thin panels…etc.

The simplicity of setting up those cubicles is remarkable, and does not need any skills. The cubicles we provide come with all needed accessories and even the screws to do the job. The strict packing procedures and materials make the products reach safe to their destination, as we use crates and peanuts to protect the workstations. In addition, every item is packed inside the crates with shrink wrapping.

The 3 person cubicles/workstations come to be one of the best selections for the small to medium corporations. Moreover, as we have all components that make the 3 person cubicles, we can modify the number if need in future to 4 cubicles, 5 cubicles, 6 cubicles, and as per the need the client request.

Our customers can decide if they want to have a moderate height of the cubicles such as 51” and 54”, and at the same time they still can have taller panels from 63” and 66”. Yet, we have done the top part as tempered frameless glass, where customers can decide if they want to maintain it and/or change it to the 51” and 54”. It is so flexible that you can always change it.