2 man Cubicles 43″ 51″ 54″ 63″ 66″

Attractive & Practical Two Man/ Person Office Desk Cubicle/Workstation

Once we start thinking of cubicles/workstation for two man desk cubicles, we start thinking of the different Layouts they can be manufactured. We got you covered on this. We have the double shape where cubicles are next to the other, and we have the mirror model. The practical way both layouts present is remarkable, in terms of space used, practical interaction. The different sizes we offer for the 2 man/person office desk cubicles/ workstations covers all of the configuration geometrically possible, such as are 5ftx5ft and 6ftx6ft,6ftx8ft, 4ftx2ft, 5ftx2ft, and 3ftx3ft….etc.

The different aluminum trim colors, fabric colors and the working surface colors provide our customers almost with endless options and combinations. Moreover; the height of the panels where the customer can select 51 inch, 54 inch, 63 inch, 66 inch, and fully fabric, glazed panels, with wings, or with full panels on the sides. At the same time, we provide the options of laminates and fabric . In addition: the different supporting legs available.

The 2 man cubicles/workstations are so practical for those people whom they have teams of 2 people and they need 2 desk/cubicles/workstations. The availability of such models are always available as we noticed that this is one of the hot trending items in the market.

Purchasing 2 man office desk/cubicles/workstations now is becoming one click away from you. Where we will take care of you. Once you place your order, and select the trims, your job is done, we will contact you with e-mail to inform you that your order has been received, and we started processing your order. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks to have your products crated and shipped.

The Installation links, diagrams, and animation we send with the tracking number are professionally designed to assist you in installing your products with no sweat. All of our products are extremely easy to install and does not need much of skills or man power. All it needs is a drill and somebody to hold the panels while fixing it. Customers can check our 5 star reviews from those who tested and tasted our products, the link is available at our web-site.