Six man Cubicles 43″ 51″ 54″ 63″ 66″

Dynamic Call Center Cubicles Solve the Interactions with Customers

As call centers are strongly merging into the market, and as online business are gaining grounds on the day-to-day sales. Cubicles and call center workstations are needed. As usually, the call center cubicles are sets of cubicles that suit 6 to 10 people, that work next to each other’s, the area needed for such a call center is relatively small and more efficient than if they were scattered.

Cost is another vital factor that is considered. Our call center /telemarketing cubicles are designed to do the needed task with a pretty much budgeted price.

The 6 person cubicle, and sometimes it is called 6 person L desk has many designs, sizes and shapes. They range from a standard fully fabric panels, and partially glazed panels, and vary in the heights as 51” and 54”. Other heights are also available such 43” and 66”. The vast designs MARKITA brand has in the call center cubicles made it one of those top of the line products that fulfilled most of the tastes and needs. The different working surfaces offered are most of the up to date colors and the fabric and laminates used in the panels are the trending colors.

At MARKITA brand, we have different panel thickness to suite all office needs, where we have the thin layer panels of 1.18 inch and the 2.48 inch.

Office cubicles for 6 person is the standard for those medium corporations that are in the field of customers support, marketing or sales. The different models as L shape cubicles, U shape cubicles, can enrich the office with state of art piece of furniture that does both the astatic and the efficiency. Our office cubicles are green products and environment friendly as they consist of aluminum profiles extruded to the specific designs and tailored to suite your need. In our web-site we considered that the customers would like to see the footage of the cubicles, and that is why we made a 2 dimension layout that can explain the exact dimension in and out.

If you are looking to purchase call center office cubicles, why don’t you give it a shot and explore more about our products.