One man Cubicles 43″ 51″ 54″ 63″ 66″

Playing SOLO . One Man/Person Work Desk Cubicle/Workstation is Your Best Bet.

For sure you are totally covered with us. We have over 35 designs and layouts. We covered all sizes, colors, heights, shapes, fabric panels, glazed, and alum trims you can imagine. It is worth checking the link hereunder.

The one man cubicles are a standalone cubicle/workstation, where it provides the user with a unique space to work with, and provides the needed privacy. It keeps all work related documents and files packed and neat. The 1 person cubicle/ desk is the best selection for those who work solo, or for the supervisors that they want to be nearby but not nest to the employees.

Many of the models are designed for home use, where it is designed in a way that will add an elegant piece of furniture to your home, while being a working place. The glass embedded in the panels leave you with a great view in and out, while enjoying your working space.

For those who perform and need to work with some privacy and produce efficiently, the 5ftx5ftx54 inch fully fabric is your selection. Other alternative is with glass at the top for those who need some view and need to monitor other people. For home users, we have a thin panel that will fit in any location in the home, and matches almost any color, as we have the laminate with espresso and slated colors, and the alum trim as white and the working surface as white which greatly reflects to any other colors.

The thin panel 1 man cubicles/workstation is the best alternative for home users as the panel thickness is 1.18 inch. The installation is the so simple in a way that you can never make a mistake, and you will be done before you even know it. The price is an additional attraction also. Moreover; the durability and the simplicity of assembling the product and the re-assembling is of un-believable nature. Thanks to the pre-engineering of this product. The brand of this is under the MARKITA brand, and it is called VIBRANT.

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