Four man Cubicles 43″ 51″ 54″ 63″ 66″

Quad cubicles? What are you talking about ?

As the word quad refers to 4, it means 4 person/man cubicles, and it is Well known in the furniture market as quad cubicles. So, what are Quad cubicles look like? They come in different shapes. One of the standard shapes the 4 person office desk is the cross shape, another shape for the 4 person workstation desk is the side-by side. Many other shapes are also available, where customers can buy office desks for 4 people through our on-line web-site.

As there are other design and layouts, and it all depends upon the creativity of the designer and the flexibility of the cubicles system. Customers can check our web-site and enjoy the different models we offer. Many sizes as 5x5, 6x6 and 4x2 quad cubicles and 4 man workstations are available with different aluminum trim colors and different office workstation heights. In addition, the different options of fabric colors.

Our 4 person office desk also comes with the variation of being fully fabric, fabric and glass, glass built in, with side wings, without side wings, with many alternatives for the side steel support legs.

Our customers can select from different 4 person workstations/cubicles as we have different panel thickness. The 1.18 inch thin panel provides a great space saving with a very attractive price and astatic as it has laminated panels. The other thickness we have is the 2.48 inch. Where this is great for workstations and office cubicles call centers as the panels is fabricated with a fabric that diversify the sound signals installed on sponge underneath to minimize the sound signals .

Buy office desk 4 person for your new office adds a practical piece of office desk furniture that saves space, make the work flow easier, saves you money, and adds value to your office.

The systems we use in our cubicles is so simple in installation, and re-locating, and they don’t need much of skills to set them up. All you need is a drill, and some body to assist inn holding the panel. Such a quad system will take 1 to 2 hours maximum. The products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, and are of a heavy duty nature.