5 Man Cubicles

Sales team and Call Center 5 Person Cubicles

This cluster of 5 person cubicles, sometimes called 5 person workstations is an excellent selection for a 5 employees that need to interact with customers and with each other.

The different layouts we provide fulfill the different needs and tastes of customers ranging from 4x2 to 5x5 and 6x. Though we are not limited to those layouts and always can customize to the shapes of cubicles needed.

Cubicles as it may sound are a limited closed space: however, we made it look like a desk with our open system layouts and designs. Though sometimes, closed spaces are needed, but as it is the trend of having open space with a lot of glass, we concentrated in our designs on having glass almost everywhere in the cubicle / workstation panels.

We would not be able to say that we have desks, but we have developed the desks feeling into 5 cubicles and workstations. The simplicity and the attractive designs make the 5 man cubicles/workstations optimal for those corporations seeking call center cubicles without losing much of their office space.

Assembly of the 5 man cubicles will not take more than 1 to 2 hours from an un-experienced person, as we have animating links and diagrams and 2d and 3d to assist the customers to fully understand the simplicity and the concept of installation and re-locating the 5 man cubicles/workstations.

As a product that holds MARKITA brand, you can be assured of the best quality, delivery time, and cost. As we always focus on the CQT approach.

The trend and the trust of our clients make us confident that you will like what you will get. As what you will get is already explained in detail, and in photos. Moreover; reviews from our respected customers will provide you with a bench mark for the level of satisfaction. We are extremely transparent in the way we do our business and as our 5 person office desk/cubicle and workstations have so much glass on them we believe the best way in doing business and gaining trust of customers is to provide an great advice before you sell.