Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles Workstations

Quality 5x5 Cubicles

As Covid-19 broke into life, health became the main concern for everyone, especially those who work closely on call centers. We in MARKITA and through our online store have taken the extra step to make sure that those who work on the Telemarketing Call Centers are safe and sound. We have managed to have the standard units to accommodate the necessary requirements of self-distancing. Where we provided and extra 12″ tempered glass for those Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles to add an extra safety layer. The heights of the telemarketing Call Center Cubicles available are 43″ 51″ 54″ 61″ 66″.

The vast options of the color and whether full fabric or partially fabric or laminated and glass are available. Our customers are enjoying the different options of the Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles at extremely reasonable prices, with one of the highest qualities available on the market.

The quick ship program we have covered the Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles, in addition to the other standard designs and layouts, such as stand-alone L shape one-man/person cubicles 5×5 6×6 5×6. Tow man/person L shape cubicles 5×5 6×6 5×6 cubicles and weather mirror cubicles or double cubicles. The three-man one row u shape cubicles 2×4 2×5 are also available. The four-man/person quad cubicles in 5×5 6×6 5×6 and either full fabric or with glass. The different options available are with wings or with no wings, and with tables fixed over the pedestals or working surfaces are on cantilevers. The six-man/ person packed cubicles are available 5×5 6×6 5×6 and they have enormous numb er of alternatives with so many heights.

As the list is so long of the ready to go shapes available, we advise our customers to check our online site Customers are not limited to those shapes as they can design their own units and purchase them online with all related accessories. Finally, the installation is one of the easiest in the market if not the easiest and does not need any professional services, and all you need is a drill and a spatula.


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