office cubicles delivered from USA

Selecting the proper layout for a new office might be a challenge. We at MARKITA, have designed and manufactured different sizes and shapes that can fit most of the requirements and needs of your new office or your expansion.We considered different factors when we designed different models and shapes. The general tastes, the different sizes, the different configurations, the different height, the prices, the self-distancing to comply with COVID-19 requirements.

Our customers can find multi different shapes form the 6×6 L shape configurations such as all paneled, all fabric, glazed panels, panels with no wings, panels, and working surfaces setting on pedestals, In addition to multi heights.

Moreover; our customers can customize their office cubicles as we have all of the fixing accessories and panels to add and apply a special requirement.

The vast variety of shapes and alternatives covers most of the requirements for all layout starting from one-man/person cubicles, 2-man cubicles/person, 3-man cubicles/person, 4-man/person cubicles, 6-man/person cubicles, 8 man/person cubicles.

Our company has made the necessary arrangements for delivering the products to your office through agreements with many reliable shipping companies at very great discounted prices. To know more about our products, please visit our website or email us at Our team are eager to answer all of your questions at  310.424.5065


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