Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles & Corona Virus

As one can expect that call centers are packed with representatives, the self-distancing becomes a necessity. We at MARKITA and through our newly developed products managed to provide the employees and the business owners with an extra tool to take the necessary precautions and make proper self-distancing. The office furniture for offices has always been […]

Modular Office Furniture

As the title states, Modular Office Furniture is an expression used to describe Office Furniture Systems that are used in offices. The main concept of Modular Office Furniture is that it a flexible approach of setting up office cubicles, office workstations, modular systems, system furniture, office partitions, modular desk systems, office desks, office cubicles, telemarketing […]

Cubicles in Oregon, Washington, Texas

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of office cubicles, MARKITA was serving more states than ever. Our customers are selecting our products from all over the US. Many customers are located in Oregon, Washington, and Texas. The products range from stand-alone L shape cubicle 5×5 x54″ 5×5 Cubicle -54″ H- One Man Glazed […]

6×6 Cubicles & Workstations

As the Covid-19 has emerged into our life, health precaution became very vital. To support the self-distancing for those who are performing we have made every possible way to accommodate the new situation by providing Covid-19 complying office cubicles & workstations. We have designed and applied the quick ship program to have those units ready […]

Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles Workstations

Quality 5x5 Cubicles

As Covid-19 broke into life, health became the main concern for everyone, especially those who work closely on call centers. We in MARKITA and through our online store have taken the extra step to make sure that those who work on the Telemarketing Call Centers are safe and sound. We have managed to have […]

Office Cubicles & Covid-19

With the rising concern of the Covid-19 situation, some adjustment has to be made in the office. Nowadays,  workstations are like a requirement in any company. Offices are starting to run, and physical presence is now required. Physical distancing protocol must be taken seriously and obtained through office workstation and office cubicles. Workstation provides a […]

Tall Panels Space Divider Table Screens Self Distancing Wrapped Panels Room Dividers Accent Furniture

The word Tall Panels has different synonyms and meanings. Some people call the panels used in office cubicles as shutters, room dividers, separation panels, privacy screens, fabric panels, laminated panels. The names are all related to office cubicle panels that they come in different shapes and sizes. As we in MARKITA manufacture different heights and […]

Covid-19 & Office Cubicles Sales

As Covid-19 surge, the business of office furniture is affected. As companies are reluctant to employ people and as the business is slowing down, a considerable decrease in the number of new setups is climbing. However, some types of office furniture such as self-distancing panels, tall panels, privacy panels, high panel cubicles such as 51 […]