Covid-19 & Office Cubicles Sales

As Covid-19 surge, the business of office office furnitures is affected. As companies are reluctant to employ people and as business is slowing down, a considerable decrease in the number of new set ups is climbing.

However, some types of office furniture such as self distancing panels, tall panels, privacy panels, high panel cubicles such as 51 inch , 54 inch 63 inch , 66 inch has been noticed to have more demand than usual.

On our site and through its online site, we noticed an increase demand on such products. The company has taken a decision to support this demand and nmake a use of this trend by offering an unprecedented approach to lower prices on those items to accommodate the current economy business situation. The prices offer for the a single 6×6 l shape cubicle, 4 man quad cubicles, 6 man packed, 2 man mirror or double cubicles, and the call center telemarketing cubicles are set to almost cost. At the same time, we still maintain the same quality and delivery duration.

Those customers who already made a sue of this drop of prices are now enjoying this price discount offered by MARKITA. The price drop is decided by MARKITA to be for a limited time, and no pre=set date to return to the original prices are furnished to the sales reps. However, this seems to be a good part on the consumers side as it gives the feeling that it will be there for some good time, but on the other hand, i think this will not last for long, as the it could jubm back on the first phase by at least 15%.

The cubicles& workstations offered are one of the top quality on the market, and customers can see the rating we are having through google my business. In addition; customers can customize their requirements by collecting the parts they need into the cart and then the web site will calculate the shipping cost and tax.

Customers can find a variety of products in terms of prices and quality, where the pricing structure was studied thoroughly and i believe it satisfies a wide range of customers needs and budget.



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